What are Issues with Identity?

Identifying, or not identifying, oneself is an organic process that cannot be rushed. Attempting to identify one’s race/culture/gender/sexuality/spirituality can be frustrating, overwhelming, anxiety-provoking, you name it. There may be periods of avoidance, fear-based anger, self-deprecation, and guilt. You are not alone. Whether an issue with identity has presented itself following a life-changing event or as a natural part of your story, let’s walk the journey together and chip away at the challenges you face with claiming, or reclaiming, your identity.

What is Intrapersonal Effectiveness?

Intrapersonal effectiveness goes beyond self-discovery to not only understand the self but to also apply that knowledge for the betterment of self. Intrapersonal effectiveness skills promote balance within self, increase emotional intelligence, and helps to clarify internal dialogue. With the help of a self-inventory, intrapersonal effectiveness calls for the recognition of strengths, weaknesses, desires, etc. to improve in the area of self-management and become the optimum version of you.

What is Interpersonal Effectiveness?

Interpersonal effectiveness is the healthy utilization of skills when interacting, or communicating, with others. Conflict may arise when someone does not use or display effective interpersonal skills. Strained relationships often highlight conflicting values, power struggles, ineffective styles of communication, and attachment issues. We like to empower individuals through strengthening their communication skills, distress tolerance, sense of self-worth, and use of healthier boundaries.

What are Life Transitions?

Life transitions, whether planned or forced, may trigger symptoms of emotional instability, anxiety, or depression. We like to validate the natural responses to change and work through the extended symptoms. Common examples of life transitions include: marriage, divorce, death, loss, career changes, coming out, new parenthood, illness, retirement, gender reassignment, adjusting to college life, empty nest syndrome, etc.

What are Multicultural Experiences?

Whether you are a racially mixed individual, part of an inter-religious relationship, an adoptee with different ethnic makeup than your parents, a first generation American, (and the list goes on), your multicultural experience is as unique as you. The complexity of multicultural living may present certain challenges in looking for balance or compromise, identifying yourself, relating to others, etc. and we are here to help you process your experience.

What is Self-Discovery?

Self-discovery is an introspective journey with the goal of finding oneself. There are times when we get so off track with ourselves that we are strangers in our own skin. Self-discovery helps to reconnect with ourselves, accept who/where we are, and grow. Self-discovery may go hand in hand with a difficult life transition, a traumatic event, the desire to claim your identity, or to settle an existential crisis. Whatever brought you to the point of seeking self-discovery, we welcome you.